I love to solve problems. And I had one. Well, one in particular...

After colouring my hair for many MANY years lighter than it is naturally, it had become drier and drier - to the point where I would describe it as "crispy".  Crispy is a delicious texture, but not for hair. Then one day I came across the multitude of benefits granted by the natural fibre of silk.

Firstly, I tried a silk pillowcase. Wonderful. It was the middle of summer and I found I didn't play "flip the pillow" all night to enjoy the cooler side like you do with a regular old cotton pillowcase. I also noticed my hair after just one night was no longer 'crispy'.

But I still had a problem; the length of my hair. Any woman with long hair knows that when it gets to a certain length - usually when it starts to get caught in your underarms - you must tie your hair up before you go to bed.

This then caused problem 2.1: hair tie creases in the morning and even worse; over time you end up with major breakage on the underside of your hair and an abundance of awful wispy flyaways!

So I had this idea... at least, I thought it was my idea until a quick Google almost completely burst my bubble; cocoon my hair in silk. Keep my unruly locks contained so they can't inadvertently strangle me in the night, and wake with fabulous silky smooth hair in the morning! 

But as it turned out, a silk sleep cap was already a thing. However, in my opinion, it was too expensive a thing (and in some instances, slightly too ugly a thing) for me to get on board with. So I decided to do my own thing and bring a range of beautiful, high-quality silk pillowcases and silk sleep caps to the market at a much nicer price. Oh and I also felt the colours were all pretty blah, so I included the gorgeous Mono Leopard colourway in the sleep cap range and will add more to the collection over time.

So here I am, sitting here typing this About Us/Me page with hair in the best condition of its life hoping that you'll try a Halo silk pillowcase and sleep cap for yourself and then message to thank me for changing your life - or at least just for not having to wash your hair as often and for all the extra time you have in the morning because you just woke up like that. Actually, that is pretty life-changing.


Enjoy your beauty sleep!

Emma x
Halo silk co.