Benefits of Silk

Why is silk the best fabric for your beauty sleep?

Hydration support for skin and hair
6A grade natural Mulberry silk is rich in 18 different amino acids, which is great for skin and hair to leave it feeling fresh and smooth in the morning; free from frizz and the usual pillowcase creases on the skin.

Pure silk absorbs much less moisture than cotton, so your skin stays more hydrated on silk than it does on percale cotton. Silk also does not draw skin care products away from the skin like cotton does; so your nightly skincare regime is more effective as you sleep. For those who suffer from especially dry skin or who live in seasonally dry climates, that bit of extra overnight hydration can mean waking up with a less tight and dry face.

If you have coloured or lightened hair, you probably experience some level of breakage. Sleeping on silk works wonders to prevent breakage and stop all those awful flyaways both around the hairline and underneath at the back of the head.

Prevents wrinkles
Unlike a standard cotton pillowcase, pure Mulberry silk is composed of protein fibres and has good biocompatibility with the human body. The surface of the fabric is smooth, and the level of friction is significantly reduced meaning no more waking with pillow creases on your face and a delay of the natural onset of wrinkles.

Lightweight, soft and breathable
Mulberry silk is also a porous structure fibre, which is very breathable. It keeps the skin dry and comfortable. Even if you sweat, it doesn't stick to your body and feels light and cool all night long - even in summer!

You’re about to discover the best addition to your nightly beauty routine!