Dream Sleep Set - Lotus Rose

Dream Sleep Set - Lotus Rose

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Set includes: 2 x Lotus Rose Silk Pillowcases + 1 x Lotus Rose Silk Sleep Cap

Sleep in total luxury and take care of your skin and hair while you're at it.

Halo Silk Pillowcases...

  • reduce friction against delicate facial skin 
  • reduce friction against hair to leave it more manageable when you wake
  • help to retain the hair's natural moisture so your hair is smoother and tangle-free
  • allow your skin care products to remain on your skin overnight and don't absorb it like a cotton pillowcase
  • are hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant
  • regulate temperature so you stay warm in winter and cool in summer (no more flipping over a hot pillow all summer long!)
  • features an invisible zip to ensure a perfect fit and keep pillow contained inside slip
  • standard pillowcase size: 51x56cm

Halo Silk Sleep Caps...

  • have a double layer pure silk cocoons hair to prevent damage
  • reduce friction for smooth frizz-free hair
  • regulate temperature for a peaceful night's sleep
  • retain and evenly distributes hair’s natural moisture
  • are naturally rich in 18 amino acids which supports overall hair health
  • are hypoallergenic
  • leave your hair softer, shinier and looking even better than it did before you went to bed
  • comfortable and stays securely on your head while you sleep
  • sleep cap size: One size fits all

Pillowcases and Sleep Caps are made of 22 momme Grade 6A 100% Pure Mulberry Silk